The Silence

Also referred to as “The Gap.”

A place in-between the smallest increments human senses allow. When I first began to enter the silence I would  listen to relaxing music, focusing on the beginning and ending of each note. From there it became easy to find the space in-between the notes.

Notes exist in space-time. Focusing on the space between them I was able to perceive time as slowing and ultimately to send my consciousness into that part of the formless void from which everything in existence springs.

The gap is a place to recharge when tired, a place of inspiration, and protection.


This is the space Drew directs Tyler into when Tyler is in need of a “reset.” Drew describes it as “…kind of like holding onto the side of a swimming pool to take a break during a long swim; you are still in the experience, just like you’d be in the pool.”


It’s a place to be passive, allowing yourself to be filled with the essence of that which surrounds us – not a place of action. Action comes after the silence, after returning to normal consciousness.

It’s a tool or a technique that I used to keep in touch with my Source. When time allowed I might remain in that state for over an hour and a half. On return I was refreshed and able to deal with the  days challenges which included changes in my personal life while working up to 100+ hour weeks fielding scores of technical calls a day, upgrading, and expanding computer systems on the fly.

Being in the gap gave me more than endurance, it gave me a perspective to creatively tackle tasks laid before me.

Today that perspective allows me to translate the mystical and paranormal experience into words that people can utilize to improve themselves, becoming more capable and able to express who they really are.


Stay calm, we’ve all gone through rough patches – use The Silence to help you persevere and ultimately prevail. Step into The Gap.


Jeffrey A. Limpert



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Luis Beltrán

By (Cristian Eslava)

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