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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the Unfolding Series?

A: The Unfolding Series is a set of novels involving fictional characters undergoing change in their lives and learning how to adapt to a world which appears differently than they had believed.

The series is presented as an exciting set of stories illustrating the world as seen through paranormal eyes. Unfolding Series offers a compilation of rotating first person accounts, allowing the reader to experience events according to each of the character’s level of comprehension.

Q: How many stories are there?

A: Currently there are two novels and a third is in progress.
The first book,Unfolding: Awakening, provides the foundation to the adventure presented in the second, Unfolding: Nexus.

      Unfolding: Awakening was published on January 7, 2012 .
      Unfolding: Nexus >was published on June 29, 2015.

Q: Do I have to read the first book before the second?

A: No. Each book stands on it’s own, though you may want to read Unfolding: Awakening to learn about more about the characters and the paranormal as it relates to the story.

Q: Someone said Unfolding: Nexus was a horror story. Is it?

A: No.
Initially a piece of software must have incorrectly identified the book under categories related to “Horror.” We wish to assure readers that the series does not in any way meet that standard.
We hope you find Unfolding: Nexus a spellbinding pleasure, populated with characters who appear very human and situations described in such a way that you are hearing the story unfold directly from each character.

Q: What formats are available?

A: e-Books are available online at Amazon.

Q: Will print versions be available?

A: We expect to offer printed books once there is sufficient demand to have them  produced at an affordable price.

Q: Are the stories in the novels real?

A: In some sense they are.

Each scene is written as close to the real experience as is possible to describe.

The actual events are fictitious, as are the characters and the actions they undertake.

Q: So none of this happened?

A: The works are fiction.

Q: If the stories in the Unfolding Series are fiction, but they are “as close to the real experience as is possible to describe,” then what did happen?

A: The novels have grown out of a lifetime of experiences. Scenes have been condensed in time, expanded in drama, and combined into a fictional narrative intended to be informative and entertaining.