The Author and the Unfolding

Jeffrey A. Limpert

Jeffrey A. Limpert

In the novel Unfolding: Awakening, author Jeffrey A. Limpert has opened up a world where realistic characters deal with love, despair, honesty, personal esteem, and personal responsibility within the heighten experience of  paranormal awareness.  A mystery underlies Unfolding: Awakening and more are introduced in the just released second novel Unfolding: Nexus.  Even who or what is the nexus, can have more than one answer.

Awakening‘s characters interact face-to-face, via video steaming, in a virtual world, and in Drew’s dreamscape while sleeping.

In Awakening‘s Prologue, Tyler, Andrea, and Drew find themselves working through misunderstandings. The Previous Summer had its genesis in a short story that Mr. Limpert wrote to share with a few friends. If you read the prologue, you might have a sense that the ghost of another conflict still haunts the short story. Two other main characters, Candice and Carol, are introduced in the prologue.

After encouragement and honing his fiction-writing skills with a writer’s group that met in the virtual world of Second Life,  Mr. Limpert continued to express himself through these characters.  As a subject matter expert of  certain software programs, he found writing fiction to be different from the educational material and handbook production he was used to.  However, with the help of several editors and test readers, Mr. Limpert mastered the skills of fiction and his first novel has been perfected.

Unfolding: Awakening walks the uninitiated through a learning experience as the characters reveal or become aware of the truths of what we could be. It also takes us into the world-traveling lifestyle of professional consultants, speakers, and instructors.  Each main character has a chance to express part of the story from his or her perspective.

Unfolding: Nexus continues their life-changing process in settings involving many more characters and events.

Both books are available on the Amazon website.


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