The Lady, Spirit Guides, Masters, et al.

If you are careful, communicating with non-physical beings can be enjoyable. In a way it’s kind of bold, these creatures exist, we can talk to them, and they have jobs.

If you try this, you’re on your own. With a little self-protection and thoughtful prayer or meditation to keep negative forces away you ought to be safe.

The picture of the luminaries at the top of this post was selected because like the picture, we have a path. Whether you believe it’s one we’ve agreed to before we’re born, or the result of life and career decisions, it does not matter.

The path is ours and we do best when we walk it without asking for too much help. Think of the lights as forming the boundaries of where and when you’ve decided to do things in this life. Moving from the time we are born until the time we take our last breath there are markers and messages along the way. Stay too close to the edge and a spirit guide, or messenger may have to speak up.

People who follow the teachings of a spiritualist church already know more than I will cover here.

Do be careful who you talk to about speaking with these beings. The medical profession remains rather close-minded concerning people who talk to disembodied entities. It may also be that  friends who are not familiar with this topic could plant doubt in your mind as to what happened. That being said, it’s also a good idea to have a teacher or partner to review your claims in order to ensure you don’t fall victim to fantasy.

Also: Know why you want to talk to a spirit guide, or ghost.

One summer a Christian youth counselor told a group of teenagers I was part of that he and a few of his classmates decided to hold a black mass in one of the seminary’s meeting rooms – You know … just to see if what they were studying was real.

They lit a black candle, started reciting the ritual and when they got to the part of calling in the power a strong gust of wind came along, inside a building mind you, and blew the candle out scaring them completely.

Seconds later a black dog walked in.

With that, they all ran blindly from the room and went off to pray, vowing never to try it again.

The counselor survived, so can you.It appears God tends to help many fools on first time misadventures.

In addition to why – know who or what you want to talk to. As in dating, you don’t want to open yourself up to just anyone.

A final suggestion – come at this from the perspective of standing or sitting in a room full of white light. It’s better to begin in the light. See if that satisfies your interests and when done in the safety of dreamtime, there is virtually no risk to a healthy mind.

Now what you do with them in the waking world is entirely is entirely up to you and on your shoulders.


Within the context of series we will meet only one non-physical being referred to as “The Lady” in a nighttime shared dream described in the section Consequences, a part of Chapter 2 in Unfolding: Awakening.

Kuan yan (a.k.a. Guanyin)

Generally speaking, spirits are a lot like people. Most that one meets are good and some you don’t want to be around. The undesirables are fairly easy to avoid. We do it all the time. Focus on the positive, follow your spiritual practices and you should be fine.

Dream meetings can help people endure trying circumstances.

This is one of those “truth is stranger than fiction” posts. I did meet the woman who is described in Awakening. There are no pictures of her that I know of. She doesn’t look anything like the statue in this picture, but I needed something to set the mood (Hopefully, she approves.)

The Lady knew quite a bit about my lives and was direct in her message. I’ve have been able to retain specific segments of that dream now 20 years past.

I’ve also met my friend Vern’s * Spirit guide twice in roughly the same time span. The first meeting happened when I fell asleep on a basement couch and received instruction and a book to read which helped me through a difficult period. The second time was about six months ago when I spent the night in his house.

That dream began with a strong auditory stimulus, which Vern later said was one of his cats slamming into a door during the early morning hours. Whatever the source of the sound, it triggered a series of powerful symbolic scenes, some of which remain to be interpreted.


 The Lady is one kind of help, Spirit guides like Vern’s are quite another.

The Lady appeared to intervene at a time when I was about to set out on another path that was not to be. The conversations were all polite, direct, and positive. The outcome was that while I would be allowed to step off my planned path for I time, I would eventually be returned to it.

It is my understanding spirit guides do not have to wait for major events to contact a person, giving them needed information, or advice. They are are by definition non-physical and when aiding us in their role, do not need further permission to do their work.

It’s a great pleasure to have met them, though if you meet these kind of beings unbidden, be aware it’s because there are serious issues to discuss. Unless you’re capable of real and deliberate communication with them, I recommend letting both do their jobs and keeping space between each and yourself.


 There is much made of angels today. It’s gotten to the point where many people are trying to evoke their services like one might do to bell hops in a hotel. If that sounds a little harsh, it’s because I feel over requesting their services distracts us from the core experiences of our lives, which we’re supposed to be performing on our without their intervention.

I do have great respect for angels called upon to protect our children as they go to sleep and believe thoughts of appreciation for their presence are appropriate. The same is true for adults; I have personally received assistance from several during one dangerous nighttime adventure.

They serve a higher power and are not ours to order around. We must remember that.

In Closing:

As to other creatures, or “entities” as Candice likes to call them all – Give them a wide berth and don’t go looking for trouble. These are not to be trifled with.

When encountering a non-physical being, it’s best to immediately “ground” yourself before proceeding. If you don’t know what that means, say a prayer.

Why bother with any of these beings? If you’re not on a spiritual path, its’ probably a good idea to leave things alone. Stay in your comfort area. If on the other hand you have an interest In the world beyond that which science acknowledges, you may want to learn more.

Below you will see references to further your study. If you are serious, I recommend finding a teacher who has experience in this area.



Jeffrey A. Limpert


* Name changed


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