The Next Life

We were in the living room.; the same place that this part of our journey started several years before. “You know,” I said, “if my vision of a life in Spain after the fall of the EU is true, we won’t remember this.”

Again I felt Andrea’s warmth and smile. I had just stood up, so she was on my left side a the little behind. I couldn’t actually see the light within her. She was going to try and, if it is allowed by whatever laws governing the universe, I too will try to bring the memories from this life into the next.

The vision itself had been fairly short. I saw Andrea playing a game on the floor. Not the Andrea I know today, rather one set in a future life and as a child. For a long time I waited and withheld parts of the vision, hoping she might  confirm the things I saw. While I was waiting to see if this would happen, I began to write. Taking the things that I knew from this vision and wrapping them into a larger story that included other visions I have experienced, I hoped to give readers a more complete picture of how visions may influence a person’s life.

This eventually became a subchapter in Unfolding: Nexus titled The Longhouse. I must stress that though the underlying elements of the scene describing the visions are absolutely true, the details show a world as it might become, not what actually will happen. Imagine though… what might that life be like?

Presented now for your reading pleasure is a short story, The Longhouse:


Beginning of Longhouse, a short story by Jeffrey A. Limpert

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Jeffrey A. Limpert


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Flying Dutchman

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