Tyler had delayed departing for a trip in order that the three of us could have time to visit. My deeper and more esoteric conversations with Andrea and Tyler tend to take place in the kitchen or the dining room. There is always food and just enough wine to enhance our time together.

Andrea was reaching into the kitchen cupboard with her back to me when she asked, “Did you see The Lathe of Heaven? It’s about a man whose dreams become real.”


“I saw it on PBS and then went out to look for the book.”

I had purposefully made the fictional Andrea different than the real one. In my mind, the one you read about in the Unfolding Series is rounder in face, with a larger frame. I had just finished telling Andrea that with her recent weight gain (she pointed it out — not me), she was conforming to the vision I have of her fictional self.

“I give up.” I said smiling. I had tried to keep the real and fictional Andrea separated. From now on they could assume whatever shapes they wanted.

I do not believe Tyler saw the humor. This is quite understandable. The subjects I bring into their home can still be difficult to absorb.  God knows I don’t have all the answers for what’s going on.

They, ConiAnn, and myself have great times together. We dine, we’ve attended theaters , gone for walks, and we talk and we listen. ConiAnn was not with us this visit and we all felt it would have been better if she could have been here.

When it’s my turn to talk, I compare notes with everyone explaining what I see happening in both the physical and paranormal worlds.

Tyler expressed an interest in The Five Tibetan Rites. The second time the subject came up I said, “I can demonstrate at 05:30 tomorrow.”

To which Tyler responded, “5:30 in the morning? You can do them alone.”

We were so busy this trip that we never had a chance to coordinate an exercise session, so at one point Andrea typed the search term into her smartphone and I pointed out a few of the better pictures on a couple of the sites.

On my last morning with them, I woke up somewhere between 3:00 a.m. and 3:30 with a start. As I took stock of my environment, I began to channel ethereal light which shifted from silver-white to gold and went on for close to ten minutes. Later, I determined that what had awakened me was related to something Candice experienced.

When Andrea and I took the dogs out for there morning exercise, I told her about this and asked her to tell me if she felt any effect from it. So far, she’s reported no events that can be correlated to the light experience.

Candice, ConiAnn, and I have yet to finish our review of what Candice and I can recall, though we agree something happened between us.

The following morning in a Kentucky hotel, the day after Labor Day, I woke at the same hour as before feeling a sense of completion. A completion of what I can not say.

That remains to unfold at some point in the future.


Maybe it’s time for me to dream again 🙂

Jeffrey A. Limpert



The Five Tibetan Rites (Google Search)

Image Information:

Scandinavian Kitchen, Fitzrovia, London

By Ewan-M (Ewan Munro)

Scandinavian Kitchen, Fitzrovia, London


The Lathe of Heaven (1973)

By admiral.ironbombs

The Lathe of Heaven (1973)



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