“What’s it Like Living in a Family of Psychics?”

Andrea, sitting in the backseat of Tyler’s BMW, must have been wondering about this for a long, long time – wondering what it would have been like to grow up in that kind of home.

Andrea and I respect each other. She had patiently listened to my stories and explanations of the paranormal experience for years. And I just as patiently waited for her questions.

What could I say in the few minutes we had while waiting for Tyler to return?

“Well,” I began, “when our oldest son had his first sexual experience he had no privacy.” I had told her the story once before but it seemed the best place to start. He had waited longer than a number of teenagers do and I had a good idea it was coming. As with any secret within a family becoming exposed, there are those long unsteady and flustering seconds as parents and children falter until each takes their position in the conversation. I wished he had chosen someone else. ConiAnn, I believe, wished it hadn’t happened. She did not want her baby changing this soon.

In the end, we sent our loving and supportive thoughts to him. His embarrassment diminished and we moved on.

“Our younger son had a knack for being able to open locked doors.” He had done this a couple of times when locked out of the apartment and I think he only did it when necessary. He described it as a “reaching in” and moving the pins to unlock the mechanism. He didn’t like bending the accepted laws of psychics too often. “And once,” I continued, “he looked at me with the contempt of a teenager who has all the answers and screamed, ‘You have no idea what’s out there!’” I had been encouraging him to continue developing his psychic ability and he did not want to disturb the natural order.

I felt Andrea processing and absorbing my examples, speculating what it might have been like for her, had she been born into such a family. She has a good idea these days because she’s had similar experiences as I reveal things to her.

In another conversation, I had told her what the experience of conception was like. Our first son was very present at that moment. I didn’t tell Andrea this, but in fact, he made it impossible for his mother and I to do anything else. This was his time; it was our time. Our son says he can still remember it. He knew what his mission in life was and what he was to accomplish, but as with almost all humans, he has forgotten and is living his life one day at a time like a rest of us.

“Our second son had to be encouraged for about two weeks before agreeing to be the soul of the conceived body growing in his mother’s womb.” Andrea was wondering why that would be. Why one pregnancy would begin so different from the other. Our second child understands life; that for all the beauty and for all the pleasure, it can be terribly painful at times – even in the best of families. He was not in a hurry to experience the hurtful side of life.

Today both are good and contributing members of society and they are fathers and husbands with families of their own.

“We thought about having a third child.” She had appeared at the foot of our bed one morning as a young girl about eight years old. “We think there was an early miscarriage.” I felt the compassion and understanding Andrea expressed on hearing the news of this loss.


Years later I saw that same round face and beautiful auburn hair of the young girl belonging to the daughter of a family who we were very good friends with.

What would you say to friends who were not psychic and who you knew had the baby that, under other conditions, may have been yours? I live with it, I see the beauty in the continuation of life, I am saddened when I see the problems she faced, and I hold her spirit close to mine. Then I move on.

Families whose members express talents that are still generally unrecognized by society are like anyone else. In most parts of the world we are no longer killed for being witches or accused of consorting with demons, but there are many families who still keep the existence of their talents from outsiders.

To date, our grandchildren have not shown the outward signs of an ability to perceive and describe the unseen; unlike when I recalled my earlier life (explained in the forward of Unfolding: Awakening). One of them, though, has an uncommon ability to make his desires known to his parents without speaking. He’s had to attend special classes to improve his speech.

Many psychics do not have the good fortune of being born into families that are as accepting as ours. There are also many children living lives filled with extra sensory inputs and no idea other people see the world in less detail.


 Tyler waved at us through the window with what I thought was an invitation to come into the store. When I said this, Andrea got out leaving me alone in the car. Afterward, Andrea explained that Tyler had been trying to tell us it would only be a few minutes before we’d be on our way again.

– Another reminder of how easy it is for a psychic to misinterpret a message. Fortunately my friends already know this.



Jeffrey A. Limpert



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