Looking to 2013

2012 was quite a ride.

I spent the first part of the year crisscrossing the United States on business.  One of my trips to the south provided an opportunity to visit my closest friends and share several of those experiences with readers of this site. The link to the first post from that series is found here: Road Trip – South

Additionally we’ve survived family illnesses, a financial collapse, moved, got caught on the outer edge of Sandy, and survived the Mayan Apocalypse.

This last one is rumored to have involved the Earth’s favorite Time Lord, Doctor Who, but we’ll leave that for other blogs to report on.

I wrote to one of my friends a while ago and asked, “Does every artist have to go through this kind of stuff? Does it all have to happen at once? Can’t it be scheduled?”

Carol has the best answer, “Somethings are imagined, some are possible, and some are meant to be.” I’ve learned to place myself in a quiet center of calm and allow the events of the world to swirl around me. Even then, it’s not always easy to sit passively.

ConiAnn once said that I saw what was coming and did my best to avoid it, but there was nothing that could be done. Everything was set in motion and the best I could hope for was to deflect the worst.

My paranormal talents lie more in empathy, healing, and some intuition. It was with great clarity though that I foresaw the difficulties in the wars of retribution which my country is involved in. For the last decade I’ve reduced the amount of news I consume because it was like watching things happen twice. First in my understanding of what was being unleashed, then again as it played out and was reported in our error-prone fear-based news outlets.

I did not have actual visions. I had insight and understanding that the predictions of those pushing for war would not be realized in the forms they were releasing to the public. Whether it was for the good of our planet or not is something we’ll have to wait for history to judge.

Now, with one conflict over and the second winding down, we will continue to reap what we have sown.

Ten years of war has taken a heavy toll on our collective psyche. Evidence of this is displayed by the irrational statements of government officials, the actions they take, and average people cracking under the strain.


So, what does my crystal ball show for 2013?

East-side-of-stela-C-QuiriguaWhile not a complete fatalist, it appears delays in the publishing of the second novel in the Unfolding Series was unavoidable. I expect to publish Nexus and with just a little luck, have time to write a draft of the third novel before the year is out.

As to how 2013 fares for everyone else, it’s going to depend largely on the individual and combined actions each of us chooses. Certainly we’ll see  slow continued recovery for the global economy. If we hold our governments to task and demand they put aside their petty feuds and straighten out the mess they’ve made of things, then we’ll collectively have an almost pleasant time of it.

There is some risk, but isn’t that always the case?.  I’m like everyone else and able to call on deep reserves of personal strength. Plus, I’m an optimist. This year will be better than last.

In order to achieve good outcomes though, each of us will have to redouble our efforts to spread thoughts of peace, goodwill, tolerance, and an appropriate amount of Dutch uncle advice when needed.

The last five millennia covered by the old Mayan calendar went by pretty fast. Just imagine what we can accomplish during the next Long Count!


There is hope. Change is possible.

Jeffrey A. Limpert




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East side of stela C, Quirigua

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