It’s time to wake up, People!

You’re asleep and you need to shake off your delusions. This has been going on far too long and you have to start taking responsibility. Those of us who’ve spent our whole lives showing people how to live a more free and just life and building a better world don’t want to see it all undone because you won’t do your part. Aren’t you tired of victimhood?

My life is starting to wind down and it’s your turn to get involved.

When we said, “Go where you wanna go and do what you wanna do.”, we didn’t mean to ignore healthy choices!

We’d been though the building of insane levels of nuclear nuclear arsenals, civil riots related to undeclared wars and oppression, and a tightening of control due to all the fear it generated.

“Dropping out” was supposed to give people the freedom to make better choices. And we did for a few years. Perhaps our examples were insufficient, but that’s no excuse!

You’ve allowed yourselves to be over manipulated, lead around like sheep again – talked into living a lifestyle that is unhealthy and unsustainable. You do not do enough to stop the waste and the corruption of your society.

In an earlier post I said, “It’s not just, ‘you are what you eat.’ It’s also what you think, say, and do.”

It is time to realize that much of the news, popular music, and videos that are broadcast over the air, on cable, and available over the internet are:

  1. Damaging your psyche,
  2. Giving you a distorted view of what’s really going on
  3. Keeping you from the alternative life you could have.

And don’t get me going on how you support this damaged lifestyle by where you spend your money.

We didn’t get here over night.

We’ve been at war for over ten years. Our congress was too timid to perform it’s constitutional duty to declare a war, to name our enemy, and to define the objective. Today we’re seeing side-effects unimagined by the designers of wars with no endgame in mind. A fearful leadership continues to constrain our population, then wonders why steadfast people like pilots or people with no prior history of irrational behavior begin to act out.

Repression will do that. I can remember reading in Life magazine, at the height of China’s “Cultural Revolution“, a story about one man in China who jumped to his death shouting, “Now I am free!” Is it any wonder we’re seeing restlessness, anger, and strange behaviors manifest today?


Look, this manipulation is fairly well built into every aspect of society. It doesn’t need agents at each level. Manipulation is accomplished by the repetition of lies and mass advertising. It can be undone and it can be ignored.

For instance:

When fuel and electricity prices spiked in the 1970’s and 80’s, so many people began using alternative home heating methods, like wood and kerosene space heaters, that the utility companies started to complain they were in danger of losing money!

What did they do? They lowered prices to the point they were competitive with the alternative choices their customers were using.

We’re seeing the same action today. Gas crept over $4.00 a gallon in the United States and people began looking to other sources. Suddenly gas drops below the $4.00 mark and alternative fuels are on the wane again. Do you think that was an accident?

Analyze the major news messages. Conspiracy theories can be just as misleading, so look at all of it critically.


Change is possible! There is hope!

All you have to do is start paying attention.

Become aware of what’s going on in your immediate environment. You don’t have to fix the world.

  • Start with yourself.
  • Then expand to your family and your neighborhood.
  • Join a community group and become involved
  • Run for office if you’ve got the stomach for it.

Then, after you get comfortable with looser chains, if you decide, say, that we don’t need bombers costing a half-billion dollars apiece and skies full of armed drones over non-combat areas that inflict collateral damage on innocents, you can move up to that level.

Manifest change where you have the greatest chance of success. Get experience before tackling the big things.

We’ve shown you multiple times over the last centuries that committed individuals with enough determination and persistence can make major changes. As with my example, only when we started to actually DO something about the high price of energy did the dominating forces retreat.

Flower Power brought about cultural change because people saw through the hypocrisy and took action.

Change is easy. The commitment needed to persevere takes effort.

You don’t have to resist anything. All you have to do is become aware and choose differently while there’s still time.

We’ve worked hard to maintain a voice of freedom. We need your help now.


Freedom can be a scary thing.

The only thing worse than the tragedies of escalating shootings in public places and other “senseless” violence would be a loss of freedom because the people asked their government to take it from them.

It’s playing into the hand of corruption.

How do you want it to?

Jeffrey A. Limpert



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