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Awakenings to the larger realities are not limited to paranormal or spiritual experiences described in the Unfolding Series.

Steve Agnos, whose work appears over at, (a site he co-manages with his brother, Chris,) posted a number of his drawings on Facebook. Several caught my attention.

In addition to Steve’s art, the site has links to video, blogs, and “Sustainability Memes” containing short articles and graphics supporting the theme of sustainability; what it means, how it is a choice, and encourages readers to think, become aware, and choose making informed conscious decisions.


 Here is the introduction to The Adventures of the Guy Who Just Started Paying Attention:

When did you first start paying attention to reality?

We are all in different stages of “waking up” to reality. Some people are fully awake and have become their own media centers, working to spread awareness about the issues that matter. Others are just starting to face the serious systemic problems in our society. Some have only just started to become aware.

No matter which stage you are in, it is important to realize that becoming aware is not a destination but instead a journey with the understanding that we must keep an open mind about the world. Enter The Adventures of the Guy Who Just Started Paying Attention, who has just started to question many of his long-held assumptions about the ways of the world. Join him on his journey.

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 That sound pretty good to me.

It matters less what the fruits of your awareness are than that you are growing in awareness.

We’ve lost sight of the world we could have by taking our attention off of what’s going on around us and it’s time to change.

As I’ve said any number of times, we’re going to become sustainable. Whether it’s a a gentle transition or an abrupt systemic failure is up to us to decide.

Who knows?



Hang in there. We’ll get through it.

Jeffrey A. Limpert



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Series Title: The Adventures of the Guy Who Just Started Paying Attention

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