After posting about the pain a psychic can feel, it’s probably a good idea to write a few lines about the benefits. This is by no means meant to be a complete list, or scholarly reference, simply my reaction to having felt emotions similar to those the characters describe within the Unfolding Series.

First, being psychic is really about being more aware of your surroundings. There are people who have a stronger native talent than someone else, but just like a musical instrument – anyone can pick up the basics.

To the extent there is choice in this existence, we have the ability to observe and choose how we feel about our observations. Enclosed in the artificial structures of our modern world we have largely lost touch with the finer senses people have historically been able to call upon.

Something like 60 – 70% of our communication is nonverbal. Yet larger portions of our communication are in the form seen here, typed and presented in a sterile format. There is transference of knowledge, but it’s delayed and subject to long analysis by each recipient.

Contrast this with an instant in time when you realized you and another were part of a common source, or shared  something unique. That feeling of oneness is at the core of psychic awareness. With practice it can be prolonged and expanded to allow that same sense of knowing, or realizing, to enfold that which you share.

Humans and indeed all sentient creatures are not meant to live isolated existences. Sharing in the fabric of reality opens a person to wonders beyond words, The impressions and emotions poets and artists attempt to share with us.

We are meant to live full lives nurturing and supporting each other in our communities, our work, and our spiritual we move through our lives thereby allowing each succeeding generation to stand on the shoulders of the one that preceded it.

Unity, the common experience, and the acknowledgement and sharing of knowledge and events makes the suffering a psychic risks feeling well worth it.

Knowing a friend was abused, or bullied does not make the experience. It’s the ability to be able to identify with them, one soul to another, and share an understanding, caring, or acceptance, or healing – which may take years before one or both can express their truth.

It’s not all about overcoming suffering. In many cases it’s about building bridges, taking time to explore our commonalities and express our passions and compassion. The experiences we have exploring our lives is exciting and enhanced by the greater awareness most have lost touch with.

We enter life as children who grow in ability and capability. Each child has his or her unique personality which to some extent is nurtured by the environment they grow up in. Whether one believes we come into this world with a checklist of tasks and goals, or thinks it’s all social and economically related, we have to admit it’s fun to find people to play with.

A special subset of the people we know in life come to be family. This can be by birth, by arrangement (in some cases,) or by choice. We share our intimate selves with family. When done in a positive manner, it becomes a life enhancing experience and approaches or matches the awareness levels a psychic may possess – I’m thinking of a parent’s radar, or special relationships with siblings.

“Psychic” awareness then, is a method by which we receive a richer experience as we pass through life. Whether sacred or profane, events written on our souls become more indelible, more precious and lead to a greater understanding of our purpose and our ultimate goals.

And in matters of love? Whether physical, or sharing of hearts when separated, now that’s something truly wonder filled. The ability to communicate at deeper levels with someone we’re in that kind of a relationship with is unsurpassed.

And then there are those times when we’re in contact with The Infinite. God, if you will.

It is on this point that Drew instructs Tyler:

“My friends who grew up immersed in the fundamental Christian tradition like to say, ‘You’re never closer to God than when your knees first hit the floor.’ You’re there now, Tyler. Go to Him. Don’t try to cut a deal. He’s heard it all before. Listen.
“Step into that silent place you explored a few days ago. Listen … in the silence … you’ll know what to do. This is your compensation.”


Stay calm, this makes it all worthwhile.


Jeffrey A. Limpert



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Jacob’s Ladder at Birling Gap

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Diane’s Spring

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By Diane Henderson

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