The Psychic’s Pain

This is a tough one to write about. People, myself included, want to learn how to become psychic and don’t know what they are getting into.

In the series, characters are often able to know events from another’s past and their current emotional state. Readers sometimes comment they never thought of the degree to which it could hurt them to know what a person is thinking.

In both fiction and real life when connections form between healthy people it’s good and can lead to a shared intimacy between friends that may last lifetimes.

On the other hand not all people are healthy. The best of us will have periods of melancholy. It’s all part of being human.

Take a minute to recall the most embarrassing event of your teenage years. One where after it  happened you just wanted to die.


Psychics are not aware of every event in another person’s life. They can however be exposed to memories of incidents like your most embarrassing experience, or other events so painful one does not talk about them in polite conversation. At a minimum it’s pretty easy for a good psychic to identify the forces that shaped a person’s life.

There are several good reasons this may happen:

  • First it might be so present in a person’s memory that a another who is sensitive to such emanations picks up on it without meaning to.
  • Secondly, a knowing of another person’s inner thoughts may be revealed as a psychic interacts with them.
  • Thirdly, there are times when, whether psychic or not,  individuals are given a revelation of knowledge by what are sometimes called a Spiritual Guide – or angel, messengers who serve higher powers.

Think of the joy you felt the first time you experienced love. Did your parents know without being told? It’s like that. And depending on your parents’ history it may build you up, or tear you down.

Once a long, long time our friend Vernon* had a few of us over to his house for a regular visit. He told everyone he’d met a gifted teenager who was so aware that they were essentially “on” all the time. He’d helped the person learn how to turn the awareness off.

The conversation went something like this:

“Why would anyone want to do that?” I asked. After all, I’d been a borderline psychic for years and diligently  working on becoming more aware

“Being ‘on’ all the time can be overwhelming. You can absorb a lot of things you don’t want to know about”

“I think I could handle it.”

“That’s because you haven’t experienced it. It’s not easy.”

Vern and I were both right.

I can handle it – and it’s not easy some days.


I’m not normally a mind reader, rather like Drew Hopewell as he explains in the Prologue of Unfolding: Awakening, more empath than telepath. I’ve met a few good mind readers and am pretty easy with them knowing what I’m thinking, even when I’m down, disturbed, or otherwise not fun to be around.

Most of the telepaths in my life have been friends and take it in stride, just like anyone else when their friend is in a bad mood. And like a good friend, not shy about telling me exactly what I am thinking and why it’s not a good idea, or they may just say, “Hey! Cut it out. Those are not nice thoughts.”

Note to the two people who told me that – you were right, thanks for pointing it out.

How many have I known? All told, a little more a handful who were close, but many who able to know things they were not told.

When you first realize someone else read your mind, it’s OK to deny the connection a person who reads your mind has. If you are having a serious problem and are friends,  they probably won’t let you deny it for long.

Again, reach back to the last time you were haunted my memories of something that you did wrong, wished you could undo, or a time when someone did something to you. How would you like it if your friends had access to that knowledge and how you felt about the experiences?

Whether mind reader, or empath, a psychic must to be able to tolerate impressions from all kinds of people, or go mad themselves.

Sometimes psychic awareness can be muted through distractions of conversation, or personal techniques allowing the psychic person to shift the focus of their consciousness.

Other times it has to be taken it all in.


Where there is free will, it appears that the first freedom in any situation is to choose how we feel. Outside observers may ask, “If it’s so bad being with people who are hurt, why don’t you go someplace else… get another job, leave a relationship, or whatever appropriate alternative choice might exist in a given situation?”

Easy to say, but if you happen to be:

  • Under contract (military or civilian)
  • In a marriage, or other arrangement.
  • On a job you need for a while
  • Tying to help your partner, friend, etc.

Then you have to be willing to honor your commitment for a time. Long enough to at least try to  affect a positive change, or the expiration of your contract.

If a psychic can’t or won’t commit, then he/she is at risk of always moving aimlessly from one place to another trying to avoid the stress, or trying to not interfere with another person’s life choices.

Among the most difficult situations for me to experience are when I see someone I care about suffering and know that as they are committed to completing their obligation, all I can do is be there for them and offer what help they are willing to accept.The moment when our minds touch and I have thoughts that would loosely translate as, “Oh, you poor soul.…” This is when it can hurt the most.Conversely, when I am in a similar situation and must remain until my obligations are completed, or until there is a positive outcome, and sense one of my sincere friends looking at me, or thinking about me from afar and hear their thoughts, “Oh, you poor soul… do you really know what you may be in for?”  Followed by, “I can’t tell you what I see.” And finally, “Yes – you do know what could happen.” This too is painful.

In addition to the technique of shifting focus away from another’s thoughts, a psychic may at times be able to create a sufficient space between themselves and other people to give them permission to have their troubling thoughts.

Allow the world and the people in it to be as they must.

One year two of our friends sent out a holiday card wishing their friends a happy new year, joyous celebrations of whatever was their custom, and urged each of us to “simply sparkle.” If enough people sparkle, then problems go away. Sounds easy doesn’t it?


Questions that come up regularly at this point are:

“If psychics can see a future event and it happens, then how much freedom is there?


“Do people have to go through such terrible events?


“Can’t you do something to change things?”


All very good questions; we’ll take them up another time.

On the plus side – The feeling of bliss and unity experienced when sharing thoughts with another are more than sufficient to compensate for the pain. You can’t separate one from the other. You have to be willing to accept both.

Ready to become a psychic? Hang on then.

Depending on your life’s situation in can be a wild ride.

Usually you’ll be confronted with challenges to virtually every belief you ever had. And that’s just for starters.


Stay calm, we’ve all gone through it.


Jeffrey A. Limpert



* Name changed

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