Vogue of the Victim

Need a lift?

Are you feeling a little oppressed?


Then I have a message for you!

victimhood (usually uncountable; plural victimhoods) n.

1. The state or perception of being a victim

When people become mesmerized by, or buy into, the idea of “us” versus an “evil giant,” they become powerless.

Rather than assuming the mantle of authority given to each and every individual, they surrender, thereby allowing their lives to become buffeted by forces which may have agendas that run counter to the best interests of the individual and society at large.

Even politicians and financial powerhouses will play the “I’m the little guy – like you” card, but that is a means to an end. Are we using victimhood while being lulled into a permanent state of victimhood?

This is not to say that none of us are victims or in someways at the mercy of others. This is about attitude, behavior, and getting help if one needs it. Anyone can conjure up an excuse of victimhood for being less and giving less to the betterment of society. Victims are seen as courageous when they succeed, which may make others feel that if they are or see themselves as victims, then their success is more glorious.

The truth is that everyone has had a trauma. For some people it’s being denied something they want, even if it is unnecessary or harmful. For others it’s surviving a physically and mentally damaging attack.

  • How does one use the trauma?
  • What actions does one take?
  • When does one start living life deliberately afterward?
  • Where does one decide to go with one’s life?
  • Who does one see one’s self as?
  • Does one resign one’s self to victimhood and incapacitation?
  • What are the pay offs?

There are many social, media, propaganda, and workplace forces acting on us and changing how we use our brains. In future posts I’ll explore how reason relates to rational thinking, identifying/labeling something as different from knowing what that something is, and how the misuse of our minds creates victim mentality and other problems. Let’s examine some other factors in the vogue of the victim.


Technology has allowed us in greater degree of interconnectedness that has been available than is recorded history. We have had access to cultures outside of our own and able to establish relationships with people who otherwise would not have encountered. The masses of people with access to high levels of technology have largely squandered their time, using it to focus on messages of abhorrent behavior to the point that such behavior is expected of their fellow human beings.

Looking Back:

Pompeii Victim
This is largely a matter of social conditioning.

We have populations on the planet, such as Bhutan, with an entirely different focus. For which, in 1972, the term “Gross National Happiness” was coined.

Immediately following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, news media outlets in North America contained stories which were largely positive and upbeat. There was a positive mood in the air which lasted for some time before the stories became negative again.

I have to believe this was intentional. It became a trend by the spirit of competition, being adopted and reinforced by a broad spectrum of the mainstream media.

So, now we have highly stylized reports modeled on Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt – FUD.
Another Issue:

In addition to FUD, our news is highly parochialized, or biased in such a way as to steer public opinion down a narrow path and, at the same time, stir the consumers’ passions. Once passions are aroused, logic is suppressed; decisions have already been made and people become blinded to the larger truth.


How do you want it to?

– Widen the sources of your information and ideas.

– Question your assumptions.

– Question your news sources:

  • What are you being told?
  • Why are you being told?
  • Who gains by telling the story?
  • What do they get out of it?

– Value all the functions of
your mind/brain.

– Grow in emotional intelligence.

– Accept that you are here now and here is the only place to start from now.

– If you could use help, start by asking for assistance to get the services you need to succeed.

– Determine what your treasure is.

– Ask: “What makes my life ‘worth it’?”

One of my mentors advised his friends and followers to, “simply sparkle.”

Hey! Come on, Everyone — It’s time to wake up! If you want to improve your lives, now is the time! The impact of even a small percentage of awakened individuals on the course of human events is enough to turn all of us to a more positive outcome.



This is a wonderful time to be alive!

Jeffrey A. Limpert




The impact of even a small percentage of awakened individuals
(The Maharishi Effect)

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