Brain Entrainment

Have you ever wanted your brain to behave differently?

Even before the era of modern science, there were methods by which people could alter their behaviors or improve their mental skills. These methods remain available across cultures with many similarities. Included are physical education, meditation, prayer, diet, and isolation – to name  a few.

Technology now provides tools, based on solid research, which may allow a person to obtain desired states of brain function and awareness more easily. Some of these devices are designed using light or sound or magnetism or small amounts of electric current or combinations of these. The devices may either be used to help a person modify their patterns of thought through biofeedback or to induce the brain to conform to a particular pattern of activity.

The latter approach is also known as entrainment. This is where the patterns a person is experiencing or feeling cause the brain to synchronize with the source.

These are not necessarily shortcuts to success. Time, repetition, and real effort are still required.

A person ought to have a reason for wanting to use these tools. Then establish goals so progress can be measured to decide if continuing will be beneficial.

A couple of cautions to consider before deciding on such an undertaking:

First, some of the available devices are restricted to use by qualified, licensed, medical professionals.

Second, the research is ongoing and by no means finalized. Also, some of the devices, and the techniques they are designed to use, may not have been adequately tested for efficacy or safety.

This means: 1) results are neither guaranteed nor consistent, 2) persons who are under medical care, or ought to be, may be taking additional and unwarranted risks, 3) the devices and access to them may be restricted and unavailable to the general public – check your local laws and do not offer medical advice unless you are legally allowed to do so.

One of the devices I use, a DAVID Delight Pro, generates light and sound patterns to entrain the brain to operate at various frequencies which are divided into four defined ranges: Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta.

One of the manufacturers models includes an onboard Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES) module. CES is recognize by the US Food and Drug Administration as treatment for anxiety, depression, and pain.

Using light and sound to change mental states predates history and is still widely used in public meetings and places of worship throughout the world.

The DAVID Delight Pro allows a person to select one of five session groups (see list below) each containing five different sessions. There is an additional function which allows owners to design their own sessions which may be stored on the device.

Audio output can be cycled through the following settings: Pulse, Binaural Beats, and Stereo Monaural Beats. All sessions start with heartbeat on.

An optional Multi-Color Eye Set allows further customization of the color presented to the experiencer during the session.

The session groups are as follows:

  • Energize
  • Meditate
  • Brain Booster
  • Sleep
  • Feeling Better
  • User Designed

With twenty-five pre-programmed sessions, there is ample opportunity to test which are the most useful to a particular individual.

I find that, depending on the session, I may feel more alert, more aware, and/or more rested. One session did give me a slight dull pain for a few minutes, but the pain left before the session was over. Eventually, I will retry that session again at different times of the day and when I am in different moods to see if the headache was related to the device or not.

On some days, I combine my sessions with other meditation practices. In certain sessions I can easily continue my meditation while the session is active. Others work best by letting go and resting.

Stimulation with light and sound alone may not be the answer to all your discomfort. Practices mentioned at the top of the article remain valuable to persons seeking improvements in their lives. The are time tested and when combined with a positive attitude, or just doing creative things one finds enjoyable – all work together to form a holistic approach to improving ones outlook and progress in life.

I find the David Delight Pro to be very helpful and fully expect to remain using it for years to come.


Jeffrey A. Limpert



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