Riding too High

The email arrived the day before the event and reads, in part:

“There is a certain element of likeness that pertains to leveling your centeredness. It’s too erratic. It is like a volcano ready to erupt. You are a spectacular being .. but you are riding waves too high. You’re uprooted…. You like to be a beautiful calm anemone in the depths of the sea. You faced your fears but that put you as a mast on a high building in the city.”

The vision of a tall radio mast being struck by lightning and the Greek story of Icarus sprang to the front of my mind as I wondered, “Was this really for me?” The author is Dancing Dove, a psychic channel who I met 20 years ago and have only recently come back into communication with.

The very next day I received notice that one of my IT customers no longer requires my services. I’m assured the events surrounding the decision were highly unusual and not at all a mark against my reputation.

Is It Possible to Ride (or Fly) Too High?

Some 40 years ago, after leaving military service, I had wanted a simpler life and, as land was still relatively inexpensive, thought about purchasing a large-enough property to become self-sufficient. An alternative was presented to me when a boat, near the family marina I managed, caught fire and sank. I attempted to purchase the 33-foot sailboat with the thought of traveling the world – I was outbid. In need of funds, I took a factory job for the winter. My intention was to return to marine work the following spring. Instead, as readers of this site know, I was injured in a job-related accident.

To make certain that I rethink my options, the universe added one more element to the mix. Our coastline was struck by a massive autumn storm which devastated the marina; turning it from a profitable business into one which could barely break even.

The next plan was to “temporarily” move from our rural area to a large city and attend college. In the intervening time between then and now, I have worked a series of corporate IT jobs, traveling to faraway places and watching the machinations of these large organizations.

So from my humble beginnings in my first real job at 12 years of age, I’ve been able to move up in the world.

As to whether my position was caught up in a larger corporate battle or the decision to release me was for personally-related reasons, doesn’t bear consideration since I’ll never know due to the way it was handled. I move on.

I am a Guest Everywhere I go:

I formally adopted this attitude in the 1990s when I accepted how tenuous employment is in organizations where they and their employees each place a lower priority on loyalty and mutual support. Recently I ran across that idea in an Australian aboriginal proverb:

“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.”

It’s like that for me. Looking back at those milestones, the choices that I have had appear to be more how I choose to feel about them rather than what circumstances I desired. Certainly there are choices available to us as human beings and, while I think it is possible to develop and execute a life plan, it’s more important to live life as it’s presented to you rather than attempting to micromanage each step along the way.


I take responsibility for all that is in my life whether this be caused solely by my own action, my interaction with others, or some grand design. Doing so helps me to remember I always have options; there is always one more thing I can do to improve my life in that moment of remembering and as I move forward in time.

If I have choice in the outcome, I now have a better chance to make the best choice. If there is no choice and I must endure, then that knowledge of personal responsibility gives me the strength to persevere.

In Closing:

The loss of one of my customers was a disappointment, but I had been holding off on accepting work from another in order to satisfy the first. With the new freedom I have, I contacted the second customer and accelerated our schedule. Perhaps my loss was actually a gain.

Synchronistic events like the e-mail I received are not uncommon in my experience, in fact I believe they are not uncommon in anyone’s experience. All one needs do is still the mental chatter of mind and begin to listen.


Shhhh… Hear it?

Jeffrey A. Limpert


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