Lessons from Life

There’s a popular belief that we are here on earth to learn lessons. Years ago one of my mentors taught me, “If you always look for the lesson, you’ll never get out of school!”

I have to admit to having had trials in this life that I would rather have not participated in. The alternative, though, would have been even less satisfying. And so I continue on: participating in this dance of life, experiencing, feeling, remaining anchored in my belief that things happen for a reason. As to whether there is a lesson or not, I leave that to my higher self.

The higher self is purported to be our greater consciousness: that part of ourselves that knows more than what our human minds are permitted to perceive. I cannot swear that the higher self actually exists, but there are moments where awareness extends deeper into reality than when using our daily humdrum modes of perception, which suggests the existence of a higher consciousness.

There certainly are times I have received lessons in life that, anymore after years of study and participation, I no longer look for. This is not to say that I am unwilling to improve. I’m saying if there are lessons and I adapt that’s fine, but if not, then the understanding is left to be dealt with by an awareness greater than my conscious mind  – allowing it the task of  interpreting and integrating events into the permanent record of my soul.

I no longer concern myself with those trivial matters. It’s too easy for me to imagine reasons for life situations that are simply untrue. People are designed to correlate cause and effect. We humans are great at rationalizing reasons for our experience. I find there is more peace now that I do not have to justify why things happen in my life.

To be sure there are scars, some of which have yet to fully heal. There are things I wish I would’ve been able to do and several things I wish I would not have done or could have avoided. The pain from those experiences washes over me from time to time. Rather than attempting to distract myself or withdraw from them, I acknowledge my feelings and I embraced them.

It is possible to rise above one’s fate – those circumstances in which an individual finds him/herself. I have done it. I have met another person who has done it. While I find it is possible to move along alternate paths in our journey, it was necessary for me to return to a more ordinary role in order to be with those who are such an important part of my life.

In a recent communication with my friend who is the primary role model for Candace in the Unfolding series, she offered her opinion on lessons from life:

If there is any truth and honor in the universe, then I believe we choose our paths.

We doubt, we fear, but we learn.You know, I suffered for [decades.]

One day when I felt so very low, so filled with doubt and sadness, I asked the universe through the tarot “Why, Why did I have to live those years [situations] like that?  What was I supposed to teach?  And was I successful?  And you know what the answer was:

I was not supposed to be [the teacher], the lesson was for me. I’ve never forgotten that.  So as hard as times are for you and as hard as times are for me, the lessons are for us.

I think we are doing okay.


Thanks, Candice.

Jeffrey A. Limpert




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