Introducing Unfolding: Nexus

The second book of the Unfolding Series.

As experienced in Unfolding: Awakening, “The Event” last winter at Andrea‘s home has increased Tyler‘s awareness and has changed how he experiences reality. That bothers him and has made it difficult to keep his life segmented. He has told his wife that he has another woman.

In the weeks following Tyler’s awakening, he and his mistress, Andrea, have been mentored by the sometimes mysterious Drew Hopewell who had cut off a paranormal relationship with Andrea and, in his attempt to help Tyler, has developed a psychic connection with him.

Now, in Unfolding: Nexus, Andrea is flying with Drew and his wife, Carol, from California on their way to Brightwood Spiritual Retreat for three weeks around the summer solstice. Tyler and Drew’s “sister”, Candice, will join them separately.

The Hopewells have a long history with Brightwood, its inhabitants, and its Tree of Life representation of the Kabbalah. Few people are aware that the decision to meet at Brightwood was not made by any of them.

Though time is short, the Hopewells believe that by taking Tyler there, they will be able to help him through his evolution. Tyler isn’t the only one learning there’s much more to the universe and one’s self than normally believed. What can go wrong before Candice puts on her fire-walking class the weekend after the solstice celebration?

A Novel exploring one nexus: a network of human lives – past, present, and future – that ignites events creating the possibility of a new path for human adventure.

Unfolding:Nexus is the second book of the Unfolding Series.

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Jeffrey A. Limpert
July 9, 2015


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