Derren Brown – Enigma


In his stage show, Enigma, Derren Brown takes his audience on an exciting ride through feats of mentalism, illusion, and among my favorite – recreating the experience of the 19th century “Spirit Cabinet.”

People who are interested in the paranormal and supernatural worlds have to be especially critical in their attempts to discriminate between those events and the ones that can be irrefutably argued and accepted as the result of ordinary physical or well defined human brain functions by psychic and skeptic alike

Think you know how all this stuff works? He’ll still surprise you.



It’s extremely easy to become deluded, or blinded by what we want to be true. In the supernatural world, I’ve seen people tell themselves stories that are so strange,  they alone believe them to be true. One of my friends has investigated spiritual claims for years and finds evidence of both fraud and wonder.

At the end of their first telepathic dream contact in Unfolding: Awakening Drew Hopewell warns Tyler, “If you remember nothing else, remember, from this time forward – fantasy is your true enemy.”


Once again we wish to express our thanks to the people at Derren Brown’s organization who have allowed us to share this with you.


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